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Givenchy FW2011

Jul 20, 11 Givenchy FW2011

Have you ever seen a blizzard sweeps and an intricate pattern appears on the windows? Have you tried to transfer this pattern at least on a paper? I haven’t. Because a sheet of paper is already white and this beauty will not be visible on it. But what if you try to recreate it from airy tulle and make a dress? I think I would not be far from the truth if I say that Givenchy, headed by Riccardo Tisci, tried to do just that, something nearly impossible.

The collection presented at the Haute Couture fashion week in Paris is a confirmation. Look closely at these sheer, floating pieces. They are woven as though from snowflakes that gently fell on a snow-white weightless cobweb of tulle. Shiny crystals, rhinestones and beads. Feathers and voluminous flowers are right where they should be to preserve the virgin beauty. This “snow” luxury is only “diluted” by a sheer dress with a gold pattern.

Riccardo Tisci never crosses the boundaries. Defiant beauty and sexuality – that’s not about his style, but rather a subtle and sensual tenderness that is present in almost every collection: if not his credo but at least an attitude to female beauty.

Photo credits: Givenchy

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