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Dior Couture SS2011

Jan 24, 11 Dior Couture SS2011

Perhaps this is the only brand, which acronym CD is known to everyone.

And the name of John Galliano is a brand in itself.

What do we, mere mortals, could expect from the house Christian Dior at the haute couture show in Paris? Nothing like the previous shows!

Galliano defies routine and dullness.

Classic but transiting into each another the red and black indicate passion and mystery.

Modest and quiet gray flows down like mercury from shoulder to knee; a geometric print pattern and a leather strap make the dress complete and indecently desired.

Voluminous dresses and skirts, layered tulle, delicate colours, flowers and bows give the model touching and youth. Headwear (mesh, hat and bow) is light and gracefully.

Every time, picking up a magazine or watching another TV emission on fashion, I cannot stop to admire the talent of this British hooligan.

As each of his presentations is not just a show but a performance where everyone has his own role, where the costume speaks for itself.

Galliano was never afraid to differ from others– this is how he conquered the world of fashion.

And the fashion, “capricious and sometimes cruel beauty”, cunningly winks at the everlasting boy and the certainly talented designer.

Photo credits: Dior Couture

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  1. John Galliano is the most amazing creator! In order to find inspiration he lives in a world of his own – a world full of subtleties and extravaganza! But I can’t imagine the stress and responsabilites he has to face each season to create such a piece of Art – it must be exhausting to be under so much scrutiny. He deserves our admiration and unconditional support.

  2. Si John Galliano vous dit que vous etes mal habille, vous le remerciez d’avoir pris le temps de donner son avis!

  3. USA IT Jobs /

    This is just crazy! John Galliano appears to have been sacked by Christian Dior for saying antisemetic remarks against Jewish people. What exactly was he thinking?

  4. See John Galliano was fired by Christian Dior… calling people Jews and saying he loved Hitler… can’t really call him a fashion victim then LOL!