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Christophe Josse FW2011

Jul 05, 11 Christophe Josse FW2011

Female beauty can conquer and win not only a man, but the whole world. So Christophe Josse “arms” his already beautiful models. And the armour is his dresses.

Of course, this is Haute Couture, but his creations you can wear and more than once. I started my story with “armour” not accidentally. Models on the catwalk reminded me of Joan of Arc. And dresses themselves glittered with metallic sheen. The upper part is like a protective shield, but at the same time the lower part from light guipure gives lightness and vulnerability. However not all the dresses featured armour: like an ensemble of a black midi skirt and a sheer blouse of tulle that shows us unadorned female nudity, which disarms and slays the spot.

In this fall-winter collection we are impressed by cascades of organza and fantastic muslin dresses. There was not a single pair of pants. Dresses did not echo each other: from midi to maxi, from pitch black to immaculate white. And here we get to the climax of couture collection – a wedding dress. This dress should only be worn once and that would be enough. A snow-white dress, woven from layers of tulle. These are not flowers, neither it is a “cloud”: I would say that flock of white birds went down and spread their wings. Instead of a bridal veil designer chosen red feathers – the white colour of innocence and red colour of victory, blood and love. And standing ovations. We are conquered by you for years! Bravo, maestro, bravo!

Photo credits: Christophe Josse

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