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Chanel FW2011

Jul 08, 11 Chanel FW2011

Chanel collections are immune to criticism. Just because of the incredible hype that Karl Lagerfeld magically creates around his shows. Or because of the unchanging venue – the Grand Palais in Paris and every time anew, large-scale décor that thematically convert the hall under the glass dome into a haystack, the North Pole with an iceberg or a mouth of a prehistoric volcano. A staggering number of invited celebrities from all over the world, current or former officials “faces” of the brand (égérie) and those inspiring Karl on his multi-faceted creativity.

For the theme of the winter collection the designer had chosen the very founder of the fashion house. And for one evening the Grand Palace was transformed to the place Vendôme. Coco loved place Vendome, the smell of luxury and wealth, which is exhaled by this jewellery heart of Paris, which for many customers of the brand rhymes with this city itself. Mademoiselle lived for 30 years at the famous “Ritz” hotel. The place is especially beautiful at night, in the light of antique street lamps, the Napoleon’s column in the center (on top of which Karl set a figure of Coco) and the starry sky overhead.

Eternal tweed suits, which cover the ugliest, according to Coco, female body parts (knees) are the most important invention of Chanel. Round hats in tone with the costume are coquettishly worn on the back of the head. A thin black lace band hides the eyes like a mask. High-rising leather gloves with open fingers. The quintessence of Parisian chic of all times and the fashion. Gloomy palette of gray, black, dark blue tones, as if it carried over from Chanel’s fall prêt-à-porter collection, a couple of times explodes unexpectedly with bright fuchsia. And the long, flowing ensembles, appearing at the end of a defile, in silhouettes of which the designer recalls another great couturier of the twenties of last century, overthrow by Chanel – Paul Poiret.

Most likely the creator of Chanel numéro 5 would be satisfied with her follower. In any case, she would be grateful to him. At the end it does not matter what is the Karl’s secret as long as he makes the world beautiful. At least for an hour.

Photo credits: CHANEL and Haute Couture News

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