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Giorgio Armani Privé SS2011

Mar 22, 11 Giorgio Armani Privé SS2011

Armani Privé created a woman from the future, possibly from another planet. What can I say – thoughts about the possible appearance of our descendants occupy not just one mind. Most imagine some unusual to the common view goggles, helmets, i.e. create the image with the help of accessories.

But Giorgio Armani has gone further than the hats à la “flying saucer”; he chose fabrics (organza, silk, leather, satin) so that the clothing with the lustre of alien space suits. But there is nothing bulky, than is usually associated with the word “space suit”. Very strict cut, soft lines, enveloping fabrics iridescent in the glow of spotlights. No open women’s legs. Featherweight leggings are worn under dresses and skirts, combined with matching colour shoes and hats. Collars and necklines are made with precision and accuracy, nothing superfluous.

As for colour palette – this is an iridescent, bright flashy cascade: purple, green, lilac, rich blue, grey, black and white. All these colours amazed with their steel shade. At times they created an illusion of a second skin – not of a snake, of course, although similar.

An Interesting design decision – some looks seemed to have no waist, but in fact Armani made the under part of skirt tight to the body, while the frame looks not attached at all, and the model is gracefully carrying it.

Accessories: hats (specifically designed for Armani by Philip Treacy), miniature clutches, bracelets, earrings – all in the same tone.

Armani Bravo! Bravo! Forward to the Future! And we will tirelessly follow you!

Photo credits: Giorgio Armani Privé

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