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Giorgio Armani Privé FW2011

Sep 14, 11 Giorgio Armani Privé FW2011

We had already imagined a woman from the future at the previous haute couture show by Armani Privé. This time we are captivated by the wisdom and mystery of the East, specifically Japan. More than one wit and a keen eye paid a glance to this remote part of the world. Looking not only at the fashion but also at the economic development of this country, we do not cease to marvel its foresight and progress.

Let’s go back to fashion. Japan is a country of traditions that are honoured to this day. In his collection Armani takes parts of the traditional costumes of the East: colours of fabric, a wide belt and asymmetrical cuts. He adds piquant inserts of colourful silk in a classic black suit. The length of the trousers, dresses and skirts is just below the knee or the ankle – a right choice in the direction of moderation, modesty and grace. The collection is mainly black, but the silk inserts and belts add “flavour”.

Delicate cherry and lotus blossoms will never be superfluous. And the choice of fabrics (silk and velvet) speaks about the fine taste of the maestro. Add to this ensemble a tiny handbag – and that would be it. Hairstyle (or rather accurately retrieved hair) was decorated with hats, which made the resemblance with Japanese women’s hair even more clear.

So this how a modern European woman in haute couture appeared to us. This is how we like her and how she is captured on the pages of fashion magazines.

Photo credits: Giorgio Armani Privé

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