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Alexis Mabille FW2011

Jul 08, 11 Alexis Mabille FW2011

Alexis Mabille invites us into the magic world of Jean de la Fontaine fables. Heroes of the collection are animals and insects, each of which designer decorates with a distinctive, recognizable feature.

So the evening close fitting black velvet gown of the black wolf from “The Horse and the Wolf” fable features on the sleeves sharp predator “fangs” made from Swarovski crystals. The horse from the fable of the same name wears a straight décolleté full-length gown of crepe with a long fringe gathered behind to a resemblance of the horse tail. Swan floats in a mini-dress of white organza, looking more like a voluminous multi-layered skirt put on the shoulders, with a black velvet stand-up collar. The rogue fox wears a wool crepe bolero with large sleeves in Golden Fox supplemented with panels rolled at the waist and finished with fox tail over a mini bustier dress in fawn-colored silk velvet.

The most successful, in my opinion, turned out the magpie in long morning jacket in black princess crepe over an evening sheath in white moss crepe, imitating a wavy foliage effect.

Alexis Mabille takes us back in the middle of last century, to the origins of «haute couture», to the heavy luxury of ceremonial dresses, sacrificing the comfort to the richness of fabrics and draperies. An interesting experiment that goes counter to the modern couture.

Photo credits: Alexis Mabille

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