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Alexandre Vauthier SS2011

Jan 24, 11 Alexandre Vauthier SS2011

Get plenty of flowing silk, add shiny satin and rather solemn velvet, do not forget about sequins and gold, sparkling in camera flashes, and a long fur, giving the lazy luxury to the silhouette.

Now remains the most important – to correctly “open” the body.

Alexandre Vauthier is not only well aware of women’s wishes for the evening garments but also knows exactly how to use this same clothing to drive mad the most inveterate male cynic.

And it all comes to these slits.

It is in the art of intrigue, exposing but not revealing – the technique a lot more effective than banal topless or blunt thongs.

In that cream-coloured floor-length with slits starting just 5cm below the waist line, with a golden belt at the waist à la Barbarella and vertiginous neckline ending just above the navel, even the shiest girl will feel herself at least as the Bond’s one.

And look at these transparent inserts of tulle running the entire length of the silhouette, hinting at the complete absence of underwear!

Neo-eroticism is finally coming (back?) to fashion, and the haute couture collection of Alexandre Vauthier is a clear evidence of this fact.

Photo credits: DOMINIQUE MAITRE / Alexandre Vauthier

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