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Lefranc.Ferrant FW2010

Jul 06, 10 Lefranc.Ferrant FW2010

To start, I must confess that by duty I always try to watch shows closely and criticaly in order to fully convey the atmosphere there.

To describe the collection in a way so that the reader will feel herself at my place.

But this time I was just a woman who wanted to buy the entire collection, to lock it in the closet but also, of course, to wear it.

So who won my heart? That was Lefranc.Ferrant.

Yes, the show featured dresses that fill our wardrobes, from mini to maxi … but these were from Lefranc – an experimental take on familiar and everyday clothes. Fabric envelops the slender female figure, flows, cascades and pleats.

Inconspicuous and sexy. Bright but not pretentious.

A simple white dress with a corset and a flowing skirt fastened with a thin leather belt creates the effect of a light “cascade” and uncovers beautiful woman’s legs.

Designer breaks down the usual lines and a V-neck is formed by a leather strap.

However not only dresses were presented, but also overalls and sundresses of the finest silk.

It is believed that black and white are classic colours that give severity, sexuality and slimness, but … Lefranc.Ferrant, experimenting with the colour palette (bright orange, lightgreen, burgundy) has proved the opposite.

My conquered heart was beating excitedly, words of admiration flew from his lips.

And to you, dear women, I just want to say: “Be bright, free and sexy every moment of our daily lives.”

Photo credits: LEFRANC.FERRANT

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