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Elie Saab FW2010

Jul 07, 10 Elie Saab FW2010

Dedicating his new haute couture collection to the Theater, Elie Saab, apparently, had a scenic decor in mind or to be precise, the curtain.

However, looking at the models on the catwalk, the associations rose not with the stated in the press release Viennese opera house “La Fenice”, but rather with the county club’s storeroom, where a touring capital theater troupe left as useless the old coulisses.

Monsieur Saab insists that the woman dressed haute couture should look “luxuriously” and he is not afraid if somebody thinks that’s too much – they just do not understand.

Traditional multi-layered, already a bit boring, created for red carpets in Cannes evening dresses of chiffon and velvet wrapped in tulle, embroidered with sequins and paillettes; pencil- dresses and gilded costumes with baggy trousers, asymmetrical shoulders and backs. Phoenix, destined according to the authors to be reborn from the ashes would be suffocated with all this magnificence.

In all that abundance of crimson and gilt, a few looks of celadon tulle, with lots of weightless, flying on every step ruffles, fringed with a finest golden thread looked fresh and original.

Perhaps the heat outside of the pavilion, rising to around 35 Celsius, intensified the impression of the already “heavy” collection .. impression, which can be expressed with the following phrase: “theater left, and the audience stayed”.

Photo credits: Elie Saab

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